The Dice Goblin!

Meet Talis Balithor, a young goblin with a craving for adventure. Searching the land of Iferra for legendary stones of luck and power, Tal slowly discovers that not every story is fiction, some are frighteningly true! Search through his growing collection of these remarkable gaming stones and maybe you will find a special trinket to call your own.

Tal's Story

What's next?

Adventure Prompts

Every player or DM could use a little push onto an adventure. We are eager to share our own adventure prompts with you. Short little sparks of imagination that could set off a new campaign, redirect a party, or build a better backstory.

Custom content

We are honored to have amazing friends and family that are extraordinary writers! We plan to introduce them to you and provide links to their custom content and one-of-a-kind adventures that you can obtain here and on their own sites.

Time for a new Kickstarter!

We are currently working on prototypes to launch a new Kickstarter in October 2022. We hope by then the current issues with shipping and supply chains will have worked themselves out and we can fulfill our rewards as fast as we were able to on our first Kickstarter.